General BeCounted Questions

What do you provide at Becounted?
Becounted is a free counter service that tells you how many people have visited your site. Each counter has individual statistics that can be viewed by clicking on the "Baja" graphic.

How many counters can I use?
There's no limit! You're welcome to register more than one counter for any of your web pages.

Do I have to put advertising on my site?
We don't place advertising banners on member sites. We do ask that you put a return link under your counter to link back to the Becounted homepage. If this policy should ever change, you will be notified via your registered email account.Here is a Counter Demo:

SURF ALL DAY @ BAJA.ORG / the interactive peninsula!
Cool Counters @

Can I edit my counter number?
Absolutely! Your counter will start counting from 0, but you can manually enter in a higher number.Simply go to the Edit Page to change your counter number.

Can I install a graphical counter?
We provide 3 graphical counter styles. More will be added in the future.

How do I check my statistics?
Once the counter is installed on your page, simply click the "Baja" graphic on the counter. This will bring you to your personal statistics page!

How is my personal information used by Becounted?
We utilize your personal information within the network, to notify you of changes or new features. Your information will not be sold or marketed by the network to outside commercial entities. If this policy should ever change you will be notified via your registered email account.

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